Vedic Astrology is the most thoughtful and ancient system of astrology which is based on the eternal wisdom of ancient rishis, seers and Vedic texts of India. Astrology is not only the science of using the stars to learn more about the future but also a critical step towards making the necessary adjustments in one’s life to ensure a positive outcome.’s Astrological services pave your way to ‘self realization’ by revealing the sole relationship between your life and the Universe, your connection with the Cosmos and your dharma. The various Astrological services offered by are Life Prediction, Horoscope Matching, Gemstone Consultancy, Marriage Report, Business Report, Career Report, Astrological Chart Analysis, Health Report, Speculation Report, Remedial Consultancy, Medical Astrology, Auspicious Muhurat and Request a Homam.

ii. Puja.

Puja is the act of showing respect to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. Making a spiritual connection with the divine God is the most vital part of performing a Puja for the Hindu devotee. Most often that contact is facilitated through an object: an element of nature, a sculpture, a vessel, a painting, or a print. It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God, the One who controls the planets. performs many types of Puja services like Mata Ki Chowki, Jagran Puja, Bhajan & Kirtan and Hawan & Puja. You can request these Pujas for specific events like before starting a new business, child birth, festivals and other special occasions.

To perform Homam at your home or in office to get rid of negativities and lead a peaceful life Contact us to Request a Homam.