Mata Ki Chowki

Mata Ki Chowki, Jagran Puja, Bhajan & Kirtan


Maa Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Maa Durga reigns as the Mother Goddess, amongst the Goddesses worshiped by Hindus. Although there are innumerable forms of Goddesses and ultimately all are one, yet Durga-form is the most popular one. In Vedic Mantras, the Mother is the Prime God. Mother not only creates a child from her body and energizes but becomes the biggest and the most effective teacher of her child to mold his future. It is revealed that without her even lord Shiva is a lifeless Body [Shav].

The blessings of Maa Shakti are needed to negotiate the rough course of life. One should perform Mata’s Chowki or Jagran to get blessed by her divine powers and get one’s wishes fulfilled. There is no caste or creed discrimination at Mata’s Darbar [Court]. According to Vedas, Maa Durga has nine dimensions as SHAILPUTRI, BRAHMACHARINI, CHANDRAGHANTA, KUSHMANDA, SKANDAMATA, KATYAYANI, KALRATRI, MAHAGAURI and SIDDHIDATRI. During Navratris, these nine shakthi’s are worshiped to gain her blessings. Mata ki Chowki and Mata ka Jagran Mata ki Chowki is a religious get together, through Chowkis. Mata Ki Chowki is short time kirtan which can be performed at any time throughout the day, anytime of the year. In Mata Ki Chowki, the group preaches about Mata, sings “Jagrata” and motivates devotees all over the world to pay their respects through their prayers.

Jagran is a word that will be quite familiar to the Hindus worldwide. Jagran is a holy event that consists of all night kirtan of the Mother Goddess Durga where her devotees worship her by singing her praises and her bhents which includes spiritual awakening for the attainment of link up with Supreme Power. This is a holy event that can be held at any time of the year.

Alike Mata ki Chowki, Mata ka Jagran starts with an invocation mantra of Ganesh-worship. Mata’s Jagran was started by Rani Taramati and thus it is said that without the ‘Amar Katha of Tara Rani’ a Jagran is not considered complete. Jagran and Chowki both are performed by a lead singer accompanied by a group of musicians and chorus. In the final stage, the person/family who requested ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ or ‘Mata Ka Jagran’ gives the final offering (antim-ardaas) to the Mother Goddess followed by the rest of the devotees. As the closure to the holy event, the tradition of giving the ‘Prasad of Halwa and cooked (salted) black grams is followed.

Please note that we perform Mata Ki Chowki, Jagran, Bhajan, and Kirtan suitable to your timing at a preferred location.

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