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Mr. Thapar is a well-known Vedic Astrologer who has been known to change lives of people through his predictions and remedies.

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Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha or Jyothish is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and more recently Vedic astrology. Vedic Astrology is the most thoughtful and ancient system of astrology which is based on the eternal wisdom of ancient rishis, seers and Vedic texts of India. Passed down orally for more than 5000 years ago through the Rig Veda, Vedic astrology is the language of divination and has always been a central part of Indian society and culture.

This ancient Indian science of Astrology and Numerology helps you understand your life path, innate talents, love, career, and financial potential. Helping understand your challenges so you can work with them.

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Specializing in Vedic astrology, Mata ki Chowki, Pujas and Horoscope predictions.

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Horoscope Predictions

Vedic Astrology


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About Astrologer
Subhash Thapar

Mr. Thapar is a highly renowned Vedic astrologer and solution provider. According to Mr. Thapar, ‘Vedic Astrology’ is a most profound and ancient system of astrology which is based on timeless wisdom of the ancient rishis, seers and Vedic texts of India. He believes in enhancing positivity in your life by solving your problems by offering my services. He aspires to create a better tomorrow with services offered, pujas and horoscope related guidance.

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