Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstones are the integral part of Vedic astrology from the ancient times. Gemstones are generally prescribed by the Vedic astrologers as a remedial measure for removal of the ill impact of a malefic planet or to enhance the beneficial impacts of a benefic planet.

Prescribing a gemstone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a birth chart of any person is a very delicate procedure. The prescription of a gem depends largely on the astrologer’s keen observation and intuition. The stone must match the qualities of the person. The gemstone must ‘arouse’ the qualities that a person needs to become success. We must find out which gemstones will boost the wearer’s luck and prosperity and prescribe accordingly. The remedy must play down the bad qualities of the person while enhancing good ones.

For accurate gemstone remedies astrologer must have details like:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth

Nowadays, wearing gemstones has become quite fashionable. In order to prescribe any gem to any individual his or her birth chart should be thoroughly examined to see which of the malefic planets are in chidra bhavas or are functional malefics (malefics on account of the lordship of inauspicious house i.e., the 6th, 8th and 12th). If we will prescribe a gemstone for any of such planets, we will be only strengthening and accelerating their malefic tendencies. Therefore, the gemstones associated with the planets that are functional malefics for an individual should never be recommended.

After ascertaining the type of gemstone the next step is the weight to be used. This is a very tricky problem. Too big gemstone will cause an overload’ while too little will not act at all. One must relate intelligently, the weight of the gemstone to the strength of the corresponding planets. There are strict rules and procedures for wearing a gem. Simply buying the gemstone at a store and wearing it will not only serve any purpose but will also put a life in gemstone by mantras and Pujas.

Reader can send their birth details and we can provide you all the information regarding

  • Which gemstone will suit you
  • Weight of gemstone
  • Right Metal for Gemstone.
  • Time, Day, Date and other wearing Instructions for the Gemstone, in order to get what you desire from it.
  • Mantra for wearing to keep it pure as well as energized over a period of time.
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