Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is a branch of astrology which deals with health related issues of people. It is a proven diagnostic tool for speedy recovery and lasting cures. While describing about the medical aspects of Astrology, it endeavours to identify the diseases from astrological perspective, where and how these diseases, owing to the planetary positions of different stars and their resultant effects on human body, it suggests astrological remedies to help rid the patients of ill effects and restore normal health, the benefits accruing from astro-therapy and many other related things.


Viewed in a broad spectrum, Medical Astrology is a very bright stem of Vitality which requires the rare combination of an Astrologer and a Physician. It is that branch of Astrology in which we analyze the health matters of any person with the help of his Horoscope. Astrologically speaking, there are certain parts of human body which are ruled by certain planets, Constellation, houses of the horoscope, and certain mode of action to certain planets and they control them by their energy. Undoubtedly, a good health is obviously a precious asset for every individual. Since the advent of human civilization, improvement of health and maintenance of healthy living have always been accorded high priority and all the technological and scientific developments made till date have unambiguously laid emphasis on the main idea of improving the life styles and promoting better living standards.


The Natal (Birth) chart helps in ascertaining individual state of disease and wellness of one’s personality (body), one’s potential internal conflicts (mind), and spirit. There is a current trend prevalent in all the realms of medicine to acknowledge that optimum health depends on a harmonious balance between these three. The horoscope is a blueprint of the whole being, reflecting the complex interaction of body, mind and spirit. Besides, Medical Astrology is also helpful in elective surgery/treatment. A medical astrologer can pick the best date/time for an elective procedure and the patient will get well soon (healing properly). Sometimes medical astrologer can even help to diagnose the acute medical problems before time and medical astrologer can easily predict the time whether it is healthier period or not.


One’s horoscope can describe with great accuracy the unique constitutional make-up of an individual, including the resilience of the immune system and structural and functional weaknesses. This is of prime interest as Western medicine struggles with mediocre results from using a statistically average model of what constitutes well-being to all people. Case study of particular horoscope also helps in diagnosing intensity of the problem whether it is dangerous or not or maybe it is the after effect of some other problem or it gives some after effects. This is also a subject of in-depth research and observation. Medical Astrology service will provide you the following given features:


  • Interpretation of Horoscope
  • Answer to specific query about Health Problem
  • General Health Problem
  • Nature of Problem
  • Child Health
  • Health problem due to Compatibility
  • Remedies
  • Mantra
  • Tantra
  • Yantra
  • Gems/Stones
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Charities


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