Astrology Services

Vedic Astrology is the most thoughtful and ancient system of astrology which is based on the eternal wisdom of ancient rishis, seers and Vedic texts of India. Passed down orally for more than 5000 years ago through the Rig Veda, Vedic astrology is the language of divination and has always been a central part of Indian society and culture.

Every human being has a desire to know what the future has in store. Vedic astrology is a perfect science developed over the centuries on the basis of statistical and calculations of our ancient seers, scholars by their valuable research. It is based on the specific calculations that are done on the movement of planets, their correlations and planetary placements. Astrology is not only the science of using the stars to learn more about the future but also a critical step towards making the necessary adjustments in one’s life to ensure a positive outcome. According to Vedic astrology, there are 27 constellations made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses with each house and planet representing some aspect of human life.’s Astrological services pave your way to ‘self realization’ by revealing the sole relationship between your life and the Universe, your connection with the Cosmos and your dharma. The various Astrological servicesoffered by are as follows:

  • Life Prediction
  • Horoscope Matching
  • Gemstone Consultancy
  • Marriage Report
  • Business Report
  • Career Report
  • Astrological chart analysis
  • Payment
  • Health Report
  • Speculation Report
  • Remedial Consultancy
  • Medical Astrology
  • Auspicious Muhurat
  • Request a Homam
To perform Homam at your home or in office to get rid of negativities and lead a peaceful life Contact us to Request a Homam.